Construtec Duktil at ACODAL 2018: Ductile Iron Pipes with Lok&Play® restrained joint systems

acodal construtec

Construtec Duktil has been present at the International Congress of Water and Environment Acodal for the second year in a row.

The congress had a large number of professionals from the water sector of the most important cities of Colombia and once again Construtec had the opportunity to attend to those communities with greater technical complexities in the development of their projects.

Gathering with the main public administrations led to participate in specific projects where the expertise of Construtec is demanded thanks to the success of works such as “El Acueducto del Socorro“, a reference in Colombia.

The meetings were organized by Aclima, as well as the talk about technological innovation in the water sector where, Pachi Domínguez, CEO at Construtec, following the presentation of José María Sanz de Galdeano, Planning Director at URA, on catastrophes prevention due to floods, exposed the recently published standard on ductile iron pipes with anti-disconnection systems for extreme situations.

He spoke about disruptive marketing in the water sector, showing that it is difficult to innovate, but it is possible to observe solutions executed in other countries could be used in Colombia, where ductile iron pipes are installed in high mountain areas.

Thank you very much to all the visitors, partners, organizers and friends who came to the stand. For more information about hydraulic engineering and ductile iron pipes, please contact us at or call us at (+34) 946 612 640