Ductile iron pipe

Drinking Water and Sanitation

The characteristics of ductile cast iron are exceptional and essential compared to other materials, such as gray cast iron, steel, or plastic for water transport applications.

Unlike pipes made from steel plates, ductile iron pipes do not have any weld joints, resulting in a much stronger pipe.

Joining systems types for ductile iron cast pipe

Tuberías de fundición de hierro dúctil tipo Tyton
TYTON® ductile iron pipe

Known as a flexible automatic gasket, it was designed to be used in a wide range of drinking water and wastewater or sewage projects. TYTON® joint pipe, or equivalent, has become an international standard, as well as the most representative joining system on the market.

Tuberías de fundición dúctil acerrojada/autotrabada
Ductile Cast Iron Piping

Construtec has several Fastening systems for ductile cast iron pipes: Standard Fastened Joint, with counter flange and bolts, TYTON SIT PLUS® with metal inserts in the TYTON® joint itself and the Lok & Play® Dual Chamber Fastening systems.

Ductile iron pipes features and advantages


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