Fire extinguishing systems with ductile iron pipes

Fire is the leading cause of property loss worldwide, However, the devastating damage caused by fires has been shown to be preventable with adequate protection. Installing an efficient extinguishing system is the right choice to prevent personal injury and property destruction.

The high resistance of ductile iron pipes to external and internal pressure make them especially suitable for firefighting systems and their application is common in train and highway tunnels, airports and chemical and petrochemical industries.

Ductile cast iron for firefighting system solutions

Ductile iron pipe with double chamber DC flush connection with FM certificate (Factory Mutual System)

The guarantee of supply necessary in critical situations such as fire control requires a highly effective and safe water transport system.

Sistemas contra incendios

Therefore, the developed solution has a higher safety coefficient than that required by FM certification and additional advantages such as the elimination of all strength anchors:

  • Pipe and accessories from ND80 to ND400 with FM certificate.
  • Restrained joint and wide range of accessories with anti-disconnection guarantee.
  • Quick and easy assembly without welding.
  • Elimination of force anchors such as concrete blocks and clamps.
  • Self-supporting conduction suitable for aerial installations.
  • Superior safety factor according to the controls defined by the FM certificate:
    • Tightness control: 2 x r.w. p. (Rated Working Pressure).
    • Pressure resistance control: 4 x r.w. p. (Rated Working Pressure).