Flanged Pipes Fabrication

Being supplied with flanges screw-on, weld-on or integrally cast-on

Cañería Bridada

Ductile iron flanged pipes are being supplied with flanges screw-on, weld-on or integrally cast-on. Weld-on and screw-on flanged pipes are limited to 5.5 m length.

  • The single flanged or double flanged ductile iron pipes screw-on or weld-on are fabricated from calibrated ductile iron cut pipes produced pursuant to ISO 2531 / EN 545 standards and are supplied with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) lining in conformity with ISO 4179 and coated with 200g/m2 of Zinc and finish layer of black bitumen or epoxy on top, applied in accordance with ISO 8179 – 1.
  • Integrally casted flanged ductile iron pipes are supplied with K12 of iron wall thickness or superior. Integrally flanged pipes are limited to a length of L = 2,000mm.

The coating and lining protection against corrosion can be provided with:

a) Interior and exterior lining cement with Zinc-enriched paint and black bitumen topcoat in accordance with ISO 8179-2
b) Epoxy coating (FBE) with a minimum average thickness of 250 microns applied in accordance with EN 14901.

All flanged pipes (nipples) are supplied WRAS certified food quality. CONSTRUTEC provides a type 3.1 test certificate according to EN 10204 for each manufacturing batch.

Flanges supplied pursuant to 1092-2 standard.

Flanged pipes (F/ FF/ FFG) NP 10 / 16 / 25 /40

Pressure rates and available diameters:

  • NP 10 y NP 16: from ND 80 to ND 2600
  • NP 25: from ND 80 to ND 1400
  • NP 40: from ND 80 to ND 600

Available flanged pipes

Double Flange Flange – Spigot Spigot – Spigot Spigot – Socket

FLANGED PIPE (FFG / FG) with puddle flange

Flanged pipe (FFG) with puddle flange

Flange on spigot pipe (FG) with puddle flange