Ductile Iron Pipe external coatings and internal linings

external coatings and internal linings

The pipes must have a coating, both inside and outside, to protect them from corrosion and abrasion of the elements that circulate inside, as well as against aggressiveness of the soil where they are going to be installed.

At Construtec we have a wide variety of coatings, resistant to the most extreme conditions, preventing corrosion and extending the useful life of our ductile iron pipes.

Types of coatings

Internal lining

The inner liner is the key to avoiding the chemical attack of the water to the pipe. In addition, it must be able to withstand the abrasion of the suspended particles and the roughness must be low to offer little resistance to the transported flow, minimizing pressure losses.

External coating

Proper external coating is the key to preventing soil chemical attack, which can corrode a pipe in a few years, generating high maintenance costs and service interruptions. There are soils with different degrees of aggressiveness, both physical and chemical, and it is necessary to protect from them.

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