Construtec offers solutions for mining under the CONDUKMIN® brand. We transport mining fluids in a sustainable way, with solutions and products with a long useful life, and 100% recyclable material such as ductile iron.

Our technical team supports the client in the hydraulic design, pipe, accessories and valves supply to channel mining fluids such as freshwater, process water, tailings, and mineral concentrate, as well as construction supervision.

Tuberia para relaves mineros

Collection of seawater and surface water

Seawater collection system for desalination plants, surface water collection to the mining operation, suitable for highly complex for installation conditions. These benefits are not achievable by other pipes on the market: high pressure, earthquake, unstable terrain …

Our iron pipes are coated with CERAMIC EPOXY, which is characterized by its high resistance to abrasion and corrosion backed by tests under ASTM standards.

In addition, our range products includes high-pressure service pipes up to 2000 psi, flangeless and field-weld-free, thanks to the Lok & Play® system.

Conducciones para minería

These allow our pipes to be suitable for:

Process water channeling

Pipelines specialized in the transport of acidic waters and soft waters, with resistance to corrosion from pH 1 to 13.

Tailings pipeline

Pipes, fittings, accessories and valves with extraordinary resistance to abrasion and corrosion, which minimize the cost of transporting the tailings or mining pulp, guaranteeing a long useful life.

Mine pipelines or concentrate conduits

High pressure pipes for the transport of mineral concentrate by wet route.

Case of success

Abrasion test in copper tailings conduction

Ductile iron pipe with internal concrete coating with aluminous content

Tailings transport.
Lok & Play® technology: joints without welding or flanges.
Internal lining to abrasion and corrosion.


3.000 m

A field test is carried out for a major mining company in Peru for the transportation of abrasive copper tailings, using ductile iron pipes and fittings in diameter 8 ”with Lok & Play locking union, without flanges or welds, in order to evaluate the wear that occurs in the internal concrete coating of aluminous content as well as the behavior and performance of the bond with this fluid.

The test was initially carried out with 150 m of pipe and later, once the first results were obtained, the supply and installation increased, by another 3,000 m with the implementation of improvements and recommendations proposed by Construtec, reinforcing the weakest areas detected in the pipe line and accessories.

The results obtained showed that the Lok & Play® locking union without welding or flanges had a high constructive performance, easy assembly and disassembly and optimal functionality, so the mechanics used for the line worked effectively, to the satisfaction of the maintenance teams and operations.

Regarding the result obtained in the lining, although it improved the useful life of other materials, which until now were used in this mining company, it gave us a significant loss of internal lining in the pipes and accessories, the results not being completely satisfactory, which led Construtec to research and develop a better performance coating, with greater resistance to abrasion and corrosion than the
tested, resulting in the CONDUKMIN range of products, made of ductile iron with a high abrasion resistance CERAMIC EPOXY ECW coating (SHORE value D 85).