Ductile Iron Casting Fittings

Complete range of ductile iron fittings and special developments

Complete range of ductile iron fittings and special developments. Different joining systems are available: Plug with TYTON® Gasket, Flanges and Restrained Joint.

Characteristics and Joining Systems

  • Available for Drinking Water (EN 545 / ISO 2531) and Wastewater (EN 598)
  • Full range between ND 80 and ND 2600
  • K12 / K14 wall thickness
  • Pressure Rate: Consult depending on the type of joint, up to RWP of 100 bar depending on joining system.
  • Lining and Coatings: Internal cement and external bitumen. Internal and External epoxy with a minimum thickness of 250µ according to EN 14901. Consult for other coatings.
Joining Systems
  • TYTON® Gasket Fittings: ND 80 to ND 2600
  • Flanged Fittings: ND 80 to ND 2000
  • Lok & Play® Double chamber restrained fittings DC LOK: from ND 80 to ND 1600

TYTON® Gasket Fittings / Flanged Fittings


The tightness of the TYTON® Gasket is generated by means of deformation caused by the water pressure. The TYTON® Gasket, generally in EPDM or NBR, is located inside the socket of the element where the spigot of the adjacent element is inserted. It is in between the socket and the spigot. The back side of the TYTON® Gasket is the softer side. Tightness is based on the principle of “the greater the pressure, the greater the sealing”.

The flange gasket generates watertightness by deformation of a flat gasket located between the flat surfaces of two flanges that is tightened by screws.

Accesorios de fundición de hierro dúctil
TYTON Socket JointFlanged Joint
RWP 40 up to ND 600 NP 10/16/25/40 up to ND 600
RWP 25 up to ND 2600 NP 10/16/25 up to ND 2000
DescriptionCodeIconDownloading link
Double Socket 11.25º BendMMK11Download
Double Socket 22.50° BendMMK22Download
Double Socket 30º BendMMK30
Double Socket 45º Bend MMK45Download
Double Socket 90º Bend MMQDownload
Single Socket 11.25° BendMK11
Single Socket 22.50º BendMK22Download
Single Socket 30º BendMK30
Single Socket 45º BendMK45
All Socket TeeMMB
Double Socket with 45º branchMMC
Double Socket TaperMMR
Spigot PlugO
Socket CapP
Screwed Ring for P PartP
Screwed Cap for Screwed SocketPX
Home supply connection with 2" internal screwed outletHAS
90º Bend with skid for snow cannonENH
Smoothed end Pipe SectionGL
Flanged SocketEUDownload
Socket and Flanged 90º Bend with skidEN
Double Socket Tee with Flanged BranchMMA
Double Flanged 11.25º BendFFK1
Double Flanged 22.50º BendFFK22
Double Flanged 30º BendFFK30
Double Flanged 45º BendFFK45Download
Double Flanged 90º BendQDownload
Flanged Smooth PipeF
Triple Flanged TeeTDownload
Flanged CrossTT
Flanged Concentric ReducerFFRDownload
Flanged Eccentric Reducer FFRe
Double Flanged 90° Bend with SkidN
Blind FlangesX

Lok&Play Locked Accessories

Tubería de fundición dúctil TR FLEX.

The socket has two chambers, the first one lodges the Tyton® gasket, which makes the joint watertight. The second chamber has a window (or several, depending on the diameter) over which the locking segments are inserted once the end of the tube is plugged in; these provide a positive axial seal between the inside surface of the socket and the locking cord at the smooth end of the pipe.

PressureHigh Pressure
RWP 40 bar from ND 80 to ND 300RWP 100 bar from ND 80 to ND 300
RWP 30 bar from ND 350 to ND 600
RWP 64 bar ND 400
RWP 25 bar from ND 700 to ND 1000RWP 50 bar ND 500
RWP 40 bar ND 600
Available stock range
Gama de juntas Tyton acerrojado.