Construtec´s Brand

After 30 years of a consolidated experience working with premium products for pressurized water piping systems with ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves in the European environment, CONSTRUTEC continues to offer pipes, fittings and valves with high quality standard under thir own brand.

“The market needs products that not only meet manufacturing standards, but also incorporate a high degree of performance, at a competitive prices” Francisco Dominguez, CEO CONSTRUTEC Duktil.

CONSTRUTEC follows the criteria of the European Union for manufacturers and focuses on three fundamental pillars for its production:

  • Quality first: CONSTRUTEC, in accordance with the mandate, as a manufacturer, “ensures that the products satisfies the applicable community requirements”. Moreover, “as manufacturers, we are bounded to assess the conformity of the products under the standards with which they are manufactured.” Therefore, ensuring the quality of the products according to European manufacturing norms and standards.
  • Competitive price: CONSTRUTEC wants to offer high quality standards but also, adjusting the prices to the nature and the needs of each project.
  • Personalized service: Construtec´s main concern are their clients. Therefore, they offer a personalized service depending on each client and their needs. In addition, CONSTRUTEC Duktil has introduced a new logo, that uses to mark their whole range of products. A shorter and more current version of the usual logo.

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