El Socorro: Drinking water for the next 100 years


High Pressure Drinking Water


El Socorro
Santander, Colombia.


17,5 km

The inhabitants of El Socorro have spent years dreaming of a definitive solution to the problem of drinking water supply. A solution made possible by the advanced Lok&Play® ductile iron technology with a locked system for DN 250 and DN 300 to cope with a pressure of up to 85 bar.

  • A true challenge: 17.5km
  • Elimination of thrust concrete blocks in direction changes and adaptability to the terrain.
Key points

  • Making a complex project viable.
  • Providing the best solution for drinking water supply, sustainable and long casting.
  • Supervision and control by our own team.


El programa más completo de tubería y accesorios de hierro ductil Lok&Play® disponible en el mercado desde diámetro 100 a 1600.

El principal fabricante estadounidense de tubería de fundición dúctil con la tecnología más avanzada del mundo.